Overview: NCT borrow the Love of Yesteryear for new album

Mega K-pop group NCT isn’t playing around.

Two years after releasing their debut record, the group comprising 21 associates of NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV — and novices SHOTARO and SUNGCHAN — are starting into a sophomore attempt using a third job anticipated later this season.

“NCT — The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt. 1” delicately combines a’90s R&B vibe with a more contemporary, digital sound, leaning into the amorous boy band-ness of everything, using piano ballads showcasing the several members’ beautiful voices.

Lead single “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” reels at the unsuspecting lovers with its tricky whistle beat, but the remainder of the record brings the carpet and revels in its retro-ness using a ton of just marginally modernized raps along with R&B bangers; “Volcano,” Lightbulb” From Home” and”Faded Inside My Song” direct within this class.

“Misfit” is a timeless, lively rock song that echoes its name in audio; “Déjà Vu” includes a futuristic dance beat; and”Nectar” introduces a persuasive when strange, wounded-animal trombone-like sound.

All in all, the hook of”Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” sums up my feelings about the record: “I could do this all day.” However, so does the tune’s naughtier English variant: “I could do that all night”