Overview: Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy gives pandemic some’Enjoy’

The song sets the tone and mood to the album, which fails to give up on love and confidence, whilst passing, tragedy and dread are not far away.

“In the edge/Of as poor as it gets”

Tweedy’s response to being quarantined would be for to work. Besides this new album, made together with his two musician-sons Spencer and Sammy, he has a new novel out called”How to Write 1 Song”

“Love Is the King” is full of amazing melodies, while also embracing dread and doubt.

“I am only having a ball/Being living,” he sings on”A Robin or even a Wren.” “And I do not wish to die/I do not beg na perish.”

More than any other course, the primitive”Bad Day Recently” sums up quarantining since the pandemic stinks on.

“It has been a lousy day lately/A lonely place/I can not survive,” Tweedy sings.

To get a record that may occasionally be so dim, it is not depressing. If anything, in Tweedy’s adopting the shadow that surrounds him and us, he appears more optimistic than before. Maybe, as Tweedy highlights with the album name, love is your king.

“When you want me,” he sings with confidence on”Half-Asleep,” the last track, “I will be there.”