Owner of fire-stricken Boat to Cover $1.8M for Sri Lankan help

MT New Diamond, which was carrying almost two billion barrels of crude oil, has been ruined by two fires within a week in early September.

Last week, Attorney General Dappula p Livera filed an interim promise of $1.8 million for services supplied from the Sri Lankan navy, air pressure, vents authority, and Marine Environment Protection Authority because the boat caught fire on Sept. 3.

Bishara Jayaratne, the coordinating officer at the Attorney General’s Department, stated the owner consented to pay the claim in total. She stated the attorney general is expected to introduce a different claim of roughly half a million bucks for extra services rendered to the boat.

She stated an interim report on surroundings al harm has also been filed to the boat’s owner, which another claim for this will be introduced following the final report is complete.

The operator’s agreement to cover came almost a week after having a Sri Lankan court ordered that the ship’s Greek priest show up in court on Sept. 28 after the attorney general led police to mention him a suspect in the flame.

Pros have already been working to overthrow the boat, which stays in Sri Lankan waters.

The tanker was hauling crude oil in the port of Mina Al Ahmadi from Kuwait into the Indian port of Paradip, in which the Lamb Indian Oil Corp. includes a refinery.

The first fire killed one Filipino team member and injured the other, while 21 other crew members escaped uninjured. The 21 team members, including the captain, are remaining at a coronavirus isolation center for seafarers.