Pakistan says Indian Reactive fire kills Woman in Kashmir

ISLAMABAD — A 11-year-old woman was murdered and four other villagers severely hurt by Indian troops shooting into the Pakistani-administered facet of the Kashmir area, Pakistan’s army said on Sunday.

The Pakistani army said a 75-year-old girl was one of the four civilians hurt. The army said its forces reacted by shooting in Indian military posts, without elaborating.

Pakistan’s foreign office said it summoned India’s diplomatic agent to protest the cross-border shooting.

In June, Pakistani officials blamed Indian troops for murdering four villagers from the Pakistan area of Kashmir. Days after, they stated Indian shelling had murdered a 13-year-old-girl and hurt her brother and mother.

The nuclear-armed neighbors every maintain the divided Kashmir region completely. Pakistan and India frequently trade fire in the disputed Himalayan region, together with blaming the other side for initiating the flame.

Tensions have jumped between Pakistan and India since August 2019, when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist-led authorities revoked Muslim-majority Kashmir’s decades-old semi-autonomous standing, touching off wrath at Indian-controlled Kashmir and in Pakistan.