Palestinian Teenager Expires after West Bank chase by Israeli Military

Relatives of Amer Snobar explained that Israeli troops had beaten him to death, although the Israeli military said that the man fell and struck his head while soldiers were pursuing him.

The military said it strove to detain Snobar after getting reports that Palestinians were throwing rocks at vehicles on a West Bank street close to a village north of Ramallah. When soldiers came, the military said Snobar and another defendant attempted to flee.

It stated Snobar tripped and hurt himself, while the next suspect got away. It said troops didn’t conquer him and they tried to resuscitate him.

Snobar’s relatives said they think he was murdered by the troops as soon as they talked to a witness in the scene. But they declined to identify the watch allow the witness to talk to The Associated Press, fearing that the watch could be detained.

The hospital director, Dr. Ahmed Bitawi, stated there were indications of injury to Snobar’s trunk and mind, but also signals on his torso of their resuscitation attempts.

“The family told me that he was crushed but as physicians, we will need to figure out it through forensics,” he explained.

Dr. Rayyan al-Ali, who conducted the autopsy on Sunday, said it might take a week to work out the reason for death.