Paris Hilton Demonstration calls for Closing of Utah College

PROVO, Utah — Paris Hilton was speaking out about the abuse she stated she endured at a boarding school in Utah, and on Friday she chose her to drive almost into the college’s front doors.

Hilton organized a demonstration at a playground nearby Provo Canyon School, together with several countless others who share tales of abuse they say they suffered there or even in comparable schools for troubled childhood. She’s calling for the closure of this school.

It was Hilton’s first time to the place since she had been there as a teenager, when she says she had been verbally, emotionally, and physically mistreated in what she called”torture”

Considering that a documentary titled”That is Paris” premiered on YouTube a month, other actors also have talked about their adventures in that college or some other like it, such as Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson and tattoo artist Kat Von D.

“It is something I blocked out of my memory for eternally.”

The organization is currently under new ownership and the government has stated it can not comment on anything which came before, such as Hilton’s time. Owners of this faculty declined to comment Friday, pointing to an announcement about the faculty site that stated the previous owners offered the faculty in 2000. The faculty aims to assist youth who have fought in a normal home and school environments, several who are handling drug dependence or acting out, according to the site.

“We are devoted to supplying high-quality care to youth with specific, and frequently complicated, psychological, behavioral and psychiatric demands,” the announcement read.

From the documentary, Hilton says that she got to the nightlife scene in New York as a teen and could sneak out and visit nightclubs while her family lived in the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

She remained at Provo for 11 weeks and states while she had been abused emotionally and emotionally, asserting staff could conquer her, then force her to shoot unknown pills, see her bathtub and send her into solitary confinement without clothing as punishment.

The 39-year-old claims that the remedy was “traumatizing” she endured nightmares and sleeplessness for ages.

After she went home, she had been determined to guard herself and finally constructed the character she embodied when she became famous about the reality show”The Simple Life” from the early 2000s, the documentary showed.

Hilton and many others in the demonstration pledged to push ahead until all colleges which mistreat childhood are closed down. After she and many others spoke in the playground, she directed the team at a demonstration walk till they arrive at the front gates of the college, where she ceased to pose before a college hint holding her poster which said, “Close down Provo.”

“There are thousands of those universities all around. Provo Canyon is only the first one which I wish to return,” Hilton explained. “From that point, it is going to be a domino effect.”