Paris on Greatest virus Awake, Shutting Pubs, not restaurants

PARIS — French governments placed the Paris area on greatest virus alert on Monday, banning merry parties and requiring all of the pubs to shut but enabling restaurants to stay open, as amounts of diseases climbed quickly.

Paris police prefect Didier Lallement declared the new limitations would employ at least to the following two weeks.

“We’re adapting to the fact of this virus.

Beginning on Tuesday, pubs will be shut in Paris and its suburbs. Student celebrations and the other joyous and family events in establishments open to the general public are going to be prohibited.

They’re predicted to add space between every table, a limit of the range of individuals, and a petition to enroll clients’ names and telephone numbers.

Indoor sports facilities, such as swimming pools, will probably simply be available to kids aged under 18. Trainers are already shut.

Cinemas, theatres, and museums will stay open with rigorous sanitary principles, but fairs and specialist shows will not be permitted.

Police have claimed the limitation of 1,000 spectators every day at large sports events, permitting the Roland-Garros tennis championship to keep as planned that week.

The manager of the Regional Health Authority, Aurelien Rousseau, stated about 3,500 new cases of the disease are verified on average daily in the Paris area, and 36 percent of ICU beds in the region is inhabited by COVID-19 patients.

The alert is already increased to the highest level for 12 days at the southern town of Marseille and neighboring Aix-en-Provence, in addition to the French foreign territory of Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean.

Authorities ordered the shutdown of public places, such as restaurants and bars in these regions, which prompted many demonstrations from mad small business owners at Marseille.

On Monday, local governments declared restaurants at Marseille and Aix-en-Provence would tack on the state they honor the very same limitations as in Paris.

French health authorities reported Saturday 16,972 new cases of the disease, the greatest daily amount as the nation started widespread testing.