Paris stabbing suspect wasn’t on police radar, minister Claims

PARIS — A young man stabbed two people Friday beyond the prior Paris offices of newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in which 12 people were murdered in 2015, along with a terrorism investigation was opened to the new assault, police said.

He said that the screwdriver was regarded as a weapon, but failed to explain why.

Two people were injured in Friday’s assault, and two suspects were detained, even though the connections between the 2 suspects were not immediately obvious.

The interior ministry said that the assailant came in France three decades ago as an unaccompanied minor, seemingly from Pakistan, but his identity was being verified.

“There’s not much uncertainty. It is a brand new damn strike against our nation against journalists, contrary to this society”

France’s counterterrorism prosecutor stated earlier that police suspect a terrorist rationale due to the location and timing of this stabbings: in the front of the building where Charlie Hebdo was established until the Islamic extremist attack on its cartoonists, also in a period when suspects in the 2015 assault are on trial throughout the city.

Prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard reported that the primary suspect in Friday’s stabbings has been detained, along with someone else. Ricard said that the Turks didn’t understand that the people assaulted, a girl and a guy working in a documentary production company who’d stepped out for a smoke break.

An investigation has been opened to”attempted murder than a terrorist enterprise,” by this terrorism prosecutor’s office.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex stated the lifestyles of both injured workers’ lives weren’t at risk. He provided the government’s solidarity with their colleagues and families.

The ministry noted that the”emblematic site” of this assault,” at the moment in which the trial to the dreadful acts against Charlie Hebdo is underway” He promised that the government’s”unfailing attachment to liberty of the media, and its decision to fight terrorism.”

People in the area were stunned, stating on French TV they were reliving the nightmare of their newsroom massacre.

“This dreadful episode shows us again which fanaticism, intolerance, the roots of that will be shown by the analysis, are still existing in early cultureā€¦There isn’t a question of ceding anything,” the paper said.

The 2 people affirmed injured labored for documentary film company Premieres Lignes, based on creator Paul Moreira. He told France’s BFM tv the attacker fled to the subway, along with the organization’s team members had been evacuated.

Moreira said a guy in the road”assaulted two individuals who were in the front of the building, did not go into the building, and that assaulted them using an ax and that abandoned.” He said the firm hadn’t received any threats.

His colleague, Luc Hermann, describing witnesses’ variant of the assault, said that the assailant initially struck the girl in her face, and the guy, before returning to strike the girl.

“The entire teamā€¦ took refuge on the roof of this building like our staff did five decades back through the assault of Charlie Hebdo,” he stated on France-2.

He explained that it was”incomprehensible” that police hadn’t taken particular security precautions, especially at this moment.

A wrenching, two-month trial at the Charlie Hebdo strikes is now unfolding in the primary Paris courthouse.

The widows of those two brothers that pushed their way into the paper’s offices and opened fire in a morning editorial meeting testified Friday.

Caty Richard, an attorney for the Charlie Hebdo journalists, learned about the knife assault in the middle of this trial.

“My initial idea was that this won’t ever finish,” she explained. “I’m ruined, angry.”

The interior ministry declared that safety was missing on the road where Charlie Hebdo was headquartered. He explained that 775 police shield its new site.

However, “there was an assault so we might have done much better,” he explained. The minister said he’s arranged special protection for many”symbolic websites,” noting specifically Jewish websites before the Yom Kippur holiday this weekend. A Jewish supermarket was targeted days following the Charlie Hebdo newsroom massacre in what police say were coordinated strikes.

Witness Kader Alfa told The AP in the scene: “I watched a man that was in his 30s or 40s with an ax in his hands who had been walking behind a sufferer covered in blood”

Police initially declared that the four people were injured in the assault, but a police officer told The AP that there were only two supported wounded. Authorities couldn’t explain the discrepancy.