Patorjk I Love You Reviews – Patorjk .Com Is Scam Or Legit Website?

Patorjk I Love You Reviews – Patorjk .Com Is Scam Or Legit Website? Patorjk .Com Learn just how the old school site will be able to assist you.

Have you ever thought about where you can show off all of your technical abilities, favorite sites, games, and also assist the Worldwide people to get better using their programming languages? Well, you can earn money from it also.

Patrojk .com is 1 site that does the same and supplies numerous types of actions. They are mostly associated with programming languages, application development, and enjoyable activities.

In the following guide, we’ll talk about history, solutions, and also how this site could be great for you.


It’s somewhat confusing for all to find out that if it’s the title of a single individual or two. To our surprise, it is the title of individual Patrick Gillespie, the creator. The expression was coined back into the mid-nineties when he along with his brother needed to come using an AOL screen name that they needed to share. They had been perplexed between’s’ work’, as it had been his brother’s alias gambling title. Plus they clubbed it collectively as Patorjk. com

Software help

  • Keyboard Design Analyzer- helps you to select which keyboard type is the most acceptable for your personal computer
  • Text Color Fader- generates color faded text to your Html files, emails, profiles, messages, and everything.
  • Typing speed test- decides how quickly can you type.
  • Social Media Showdown- informs who’s more famous about the social networking
  • Years spent YouTube- signifies how long you’ve spent on a specific video.

Online Games including Puzzles

  • Slider Puzzles- you will become scrambled pieces of a picture, and you need to place them in position.
  • Scrolling text time waster- a fantastic scrolling text of javascript
  • Snake: Javascript version- a fundamental variant of the snake that we have each played in our youth.

Programming tutorials provided by Patorjk .com

  • Visual Basic Array Tutorial by Adam Wehmann covers the fundamentals of visual principles and ways to utilize them.
  • Visual Basic of Code Bank- favorite sample codes of 5.0 and 6.0 variant.
  • Visual Basic 6.0 example archive

Blogs including Other Things

The sites offer various sites online programming, Visual principles, geek humor, youtube stations, fitness social websites, and news websites. Additionally, it supplies sites with the most recent applications and technology.

Final Verdict

The web site has an exceptional credit rating of 96 percent and has been constructed from the late-nineties, therefore it’s been there for quite a while. Patorjk .com was utilized Worldwide, also you may use it safely, with no fear of your apparatus is being at risk.

But that is not the thing just which produces a website popular. Our study discovered that the site has highly obsolete material, which will be of no significance in the current situation. The tutorials, games, blogs, etc.. . may not be helpful for the consumer until and if you don’t would like to know a few old programming languages or even essential maturation of older games.

Simply speaking, Patorjk .com doesn’t fulfill the necessities of the current.