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Pay Delivery Fee Scam Reviews – All You Need To Know!

Pay Delivery Fee Scam Reviews – All You Need To Know!

Pay Delivery Fee Scam Reviews – All You Need To Know! Fraudsters in the United Kingdom are all targeting the residents of your newest Pay Delivery Fee Scam. What’s the new shipping fee scam, and how do you determine whether it’s from a fake or real one.

Many hackers are requesting residents from the UK to cover the outstanding postage. It’s the new shipping fee scam targeting families across the united kingdom. The Royal Mail Delivery Fee Scam tips the residents to obtain their card information and payment details.

But, Chartered Trading Standards Institute or CTSI has lately released around to warn the inhabitants concerning the text message which claims to be out of Royal Mail, however, it’s from scammers.

Pay Delivery Fee Scam Reviews – All You Need To Know!

About Pay Delivery Fee Scam

Many shoppers in the United Kingdom are getting suspicious messages which claim to be in the Royal Mail. The message contains some unidentified parcels’ particulars and requests the receivers to pay back the outstanding postage or shipping fee to receive it delivered.

The message includes a connection where recipients will need to click to cover the shipping fee. The shipping cost ranges from 1.99 GBP to 2.99 GBP.

In case the individual shares the specifics, it might be misused from the fraudulent. Thus, CTSI has just cautioned the shoppers regarding the message and said that Pay Delivery Fee Scam message isn’t in the Royal Mail.

The new delivery scam information has surged in recent years as police have advocated shoppers to perform online shopping throughout the pandemic since all stores were shut.

How to Avoid the Delivery Fee Scam?

The government from Royal Mail have verified in their announcement that the postal service won’t ever request the shipping fee. The shipping fee is just asked through text messages once the package is delivered to the receiver from an overseas destination, and client payment is expected.

In any case, a grey card would also be sent to affirm that clients will need to repay the shipping fee to acquire the order delivered. Following are a few tips that will assist you to stay away from the Purchase Delivery Fee Scam.

  • Royal Mail will Not Request credit card details or personal Advice for order Shipping
  • Royal Mail never asks Clients to Discuss Private information on 3rd party Sites
  • No attachments are Contained in the Information out of Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail never receives any email address of Buyers as a part of the shopping experience

What Recipients Must Do?

In accordance with the announcement of CTSI, anybody who receives these scam emails or messages should report the exact same to the nearest Police Station or get with the Action Fraud Service.


After assessing, it’s apparent the Purchase Delivery Fee Scam would be to deceive the victims and gather their card information and personal information. As it isn’t in the Royal Mail, recipients should dismiss it and examine it at the Action Fraud Service.

Over 1700 reports are received about the shipping fee scam email and message. So, shoppers should remain awake and report it immediately before the situation worsens.

Can you get the exact same shipping fee scam email or message? What’s a step?

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