Philadelphia Eagles’ Darius Slay States NFL should Not have played now OK with protocols

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay said Wednesday that the NFL shouldn’t have moved ahead with the 2020 period prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

“My true view, I felt as though we should not have had one due to what was happening. It is a challenging time,” Slay said when asked about the positive evaluations popping up throughout the league.

“We all make sacrifices and we all left them. I believe our team and our staff and the Eagles do a fantastic job of procuring us and that I think everybody is sort of dedicated to performing their job and making sure that we could play Sunday. We have not had a illness yet so we will continue to keep looking for a way”

After he stopped answering reporters’ questions, Slay returned into the movie conference minutes afterwards to explain these were his feelings prior to the onset of the year, including that he grew familiar with playing after he learned of the COVID-19 security protocols in place.

The Tennessee Titans happen to be coping with an epidemic , as 22 players and staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus because Sept. 24.

“We should not have had [a year ],” Slay said. “But it’s what it is. We go to work and do it. When there’s a way which we can play with, I will play.”