Poland activists Guarantee largest protest yet over abortion ban

WARSAW, Poland — Throngs of people poured into downtown Warsaw on Friday to combine exactly what women’s rights activists pledged are the biggest street demonstration in over a week of mass nationwide protests from a court judgment that further limits abortion rights in Poland.

The protest in the funds breached pandemic limitations which restrict public parties to five individuals, with participants discounting authorities appeals for people to stay home because of skyrocketing coronavirus infections. Poland has struck new documents for confirmed cases nearly every day this week, such as the 21,600 supported cases reported Friday.

Rallies were being held in other Polish cities.

The federal public prosecutor guaranteed to file criminal charges from protest organizers because of”resulting in an epidemiological threat,” a charge that carries a prison sentence of up to eight decades.

Klementyna Suchanow, among the major organizers together with all the Poland’s Women’s Strike initiative, said she and others refused to be discouraged by the virus or the police since they think they’re fighting to get a basic right.

“This is all about the liberty and dignity of individuals,” Suchanow explained. “The will of individuals to protest ought to be a lesson for anybody who would like to impose authoritarian ways.”

Security forces were out in huge amounts Friday evening, such as army gendarmes set up by the authorities amid the current street protests.

Poland already had among Europe’s most restrictive legislation. Founded by governmental and Catholic Church leaders in 1993, it permitted abortion only in the instances of fetal defects, a threat to the female’s wellbeing, and pregnancies caused by offenses — incest or rape.

The legislation has been frequently described as a compromise between people looking for liberal abortion regulations as well as also the church, which favors an entire ban. Yet, neither side has been happy with the 1993 law, and women’s groups demanding higher reproductive rights state it struck no equilibrium in any way.

Last week’s constitutional court ruling leaves just the girl’s pregnancy or health resulting from offenses as lawful reasons for abortion.

Earlier attempts by the country’s conservative ruling party to modify the legislation to prohibit all abortions also prompted tremendous street protests, such as in 2016 and 2017.

At this moment, the Law and Justice party’s direction seems to have calculated that it may alter the law with less of a backlash by acquiring a court under its political control to perform it throughout the pandemic. If this was the situation, the program has backfired for today, even though it remains to be seen how long that the protests will continue moving or should they lose public assistance.

The protests have included individuals interrupting church services and spray-painting slogans on churches past Sunday. The activities offended many people in the mostly Catholic country, even some who disagree with the court judgment.

Health Ministry figures reveal that 1,110 lawful abortions were carried out in Poland in 2019, largely due to esophageal defects.

Polish girls seeking abortions buy them in Germany or other neighboring countries or Poland.