Polish leader Signals deal Improving US military presence

WARSAW, Poland — Polish President Andrzej Duda has signed a deal which enriches U.S. military existence in the European nation, also said it ought to be a sign of a partnership which continues regardless of political improvements.

Duda indicated Monday he’d prefer the partnership to keep under the new government.

“I think that our venture is political branches,” Duda said throughout the ratification ceremony in the Presidential Palace.

“We’re awaiting the new U.S. president take office,” Duda said.

The Improved Defense Cooperation Agreement he ratified raises the Amount of all U.S. troops in Poland to 5,500 and transfers the U.S. Army V Corps overseas headquarters into Poland from Fort Knox, Kentucky. It strengthens the U.S. defense existence in eastern and central Europe in a time of improved Russian army action.

Trump determined on the move this past year when he had been decreasing troop numbers in Germany.