Polish minister Needs talks to Finish ruling coalition crisis

The dissent from the United Poland celebration of Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro motivated the most important coalition member, the right-wing, nationalist Law, and Justice party, to warn that the ruling coalition was crumbling and a minority government might be formed with no Ziobro’s celebration.

Legislation and Justice leaders had been meeting Monday to decide the government’s future and if to lose both Ziobro’s celebration and him.

Only minutes before this meeting, Ziobro called a press conference and said that the coalition was worth maintaining and he was prepared for compromise and talks.

Last week Ziobro’s party voted against a brand new animal protection law suggested by the Law and Justice party and ardently advocated by its leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Also, it stated it wouldn’t back a law giving resistance to state officials that disregarded the law when taking measures to cancel the coronavirus pandemic.

With no 19 votes of Ziobro’s celebration, the coalition will shed its delicate majority in parliament.

The catastrophe is part of a power struggle in the coalition that’s currently commanded by the 71-year-old Kaczynski.