Polish PM Palms Belarus opposition leader key to new Centre

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki fulfilled Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, in addition to other resistance members, in his own office for discussions until they traveled into the new Belarusian House, a villa that the Polish authorities made accessible as a brand new, bigger location for the center that supports Belarusians in Poland.

She expressed gratitude for Poland’s aid in this”hard time for Belarus.”

“President Lukashenko does not have any support, we can’t treat him as a president we can’t entrust the future of the nation in his hands,” she said, stressing a fresh election is necessary.

Morawiecki explained that Poland” is an open house for many Belarusians who want help,” throughout the trip to the new center.

“We need all Belarusians to locate their actual, most wonderful house in Belarus whenever you can, but we understand that this battle must also be scrapped and supported from someplace else,” he explained.

Weeks of massive street protests in Belarus have followed an election on Aug. 9 which Lukashenko claims to have won 80% of their vote into Tsikhanouskaya’s 10 percent, but that is seen as having been rigged.

Amid the chaos in Belarus, nearby Poland and Lithuania have played crucial roles in encouraging the Belarusian opposition, providing Belarusians with information and information regarding the situation at the country, and supplying medical support to people hurt in the protests.

Tsikhanouskaya transferred to Lithuania per day following the vote, under pressure from governments.

Morawiecki’s government has in previous months declared that a succession of attempts to assist, such as providing scholarships and areas in Polish universities for Belarusian students and professors.

The prime minister said Wednesday Poland intends to introduce to the European Union an economical strategy to give additional aid.

“The total EU supports the Belarusian people in their own right to express their own will, to reside in liberty, in flames,” Morawiecki explained.

Tsikhanouskaya and Morawiecki afterward met with students at Warsaw University.

Away from the university, they had been loudly greeted with dozens of young Belarusians, together with the protests’ red and white flags with a coat of arms, that had been chanting”Sviata president” and other staples.

The new Belarusian House is a 1930s villa that’s considered a gem of modernist architecture. Situated in the prestigious Saska Kępa area, it’s functioned as the French ambassador’s house and the Tunisian Embassy.

A massive white-red-white flag with a coat of arms adorned the Grove on Wednesday.