Pope in TED Speak: Earth Cannot be squeezed’Such as an orange’

The pontiff, famous for his affinity for social media and technologies, said in a videotaped message into a TED conference on climate change the coronavirus outbreak had placed a focus on the social-environmental challenge facing the world.

“Science tells us every day with more accuracy, it is critical to act with urgency — I’m not exaggerating science tell us that — if we would like to expect preventing radical changes in the climate and catastrophes,” Francis said, appearing right in the camera because he appeared from his prepared comments.

He set as a target for the next decade building a planet capable of reacting to present generations,” without undermining the options of their future generations”

Francis laid out three avenues of actions: promoting education about the environment” according to scientific information and an ethical strategy,” reassuring drinking water and adequate food supply through sustainable agriculture and encouraging the transformation from fossil fuels to clean energy resources.

“We have only a couple of years — scientists compute approximately fewer than 30 — to radically lower the emissions of gasoline as well as the greenhouse effect in the air,” the pope said, adding that the transition should consider the effect on the poor, neighborhood inhabitants and people who are employed in the energy industry.

He called on shareholders to exclude businesses that do not take into consideration the surroundings, as have numerous faith-based organizations have.

“In reality, the ground has to be cared for, protected, and cultivated; we can’t continue to squeeze it like an orange. And we may say that taking care of the planet is an individual right,” Francis explained.

The six-hour Countdown Global Launch is TED’s first-ever complimentary seminar, including hosts such statistics as Jane Fonda, Don Cheadle, and Al Gore, with speakers such as Prince William of both Britain and Ursula von der Leyen, a top European Union official.