Popular UK Writer Victoria Hislop granted Greek citizenship

ATHENS, Greece — British writer Victoria Hislop was awarded honorary Greek citizenship Thursday and met with the prime minister of Greece.

Hislop has utilized Greece since the setting for all her books. In her first book, “The Isle,” published in 2005, the activity occurs close to the Greek island of Crete, where she’s a vacation home.

Honorary Greek citizenship could be given in recognition of a person’s unique contribution to the nation. Actor Tom Hanks and his wife, producer, and actor Rita Wilson, were awarded the honor last year to get their aid in raising money for victims of a mortal Greek wildfire. The few obtained Greek passports this season.

She said she had been honored by the gesture.

“I love Greece with its problems and problems, not simply because it is a gorgeous state,” she stated at her meeting with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Hislop said she’d framed a copy of her naturalization certificate that has been delivered to her house in England.

“That is up on my walls,” she explained. “But today I’ve got the first.”