Press groups condemn warnings on Nicaragua journalists

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — International media associations and the United States authorities have condemned intimidation and threats from Nicaraguan journalists.

Gerald Chávez, a different Nicaraguan journalist living in exile in Costa Rica as 2018, said last weekend he along with his household in Nicaragua had obtained picture dangers. He had been threatened again Wednesday and has started receiving telephone calls,” he said.

Chávez was threatened before, however, he considers that this intensification is the result of his latest coverage on a few hundred Nicaraguans stuck in the border with Costa Rica. The Nicaraguan government has refused to allow them to return without even paying COVID-19 evaluations, which the migrants say that they can not afford.

“The Nicaraguan government doesn’t like you stating the fact, but I just do my job,” Chávez said.

Meanwhile, the Aníbal Toruño, manager of Radio Darío from the western Nicaragua town of León, stated his channel endured hours of intimidation by paramilitaries and authorities. He explained their channel was besieged Saturday by police wearing masks and vehicles belonging to station workers were towed.

Intimidation of the media has improved since anti-government protests started in April 2018. What started as demonstrations against modifications to the social safety system expanded into a general motion against President Daniel Ortega’s government.

Nicaragua’s courageous journalists have proven that they’ll continue to inform the ugly truths which the regime desperately wishes to conceal.”

Chávez stated an anonymous correspondence and thumb drive comprising an animated movie that depicted his decapitation was sent to his family’s house at El Rosario, south of Managua.

Chávez accounts for the internet outlet Nicaragua Actual.

Nicaragua authorities hadn’t commented about the dangers.

Edison Lanza, the special rapporteur for freedom of expression of this Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, stated through Twitter, “the nation clearly understands the danger that the writer and his face. They have a global obligation to research and shield.”