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Prince William Named Sexiest Bald Man in Survey and the World Wide Web Has Doubts

Prince William Named Sexiest Bald Man in Survey and the World Wide Web Has Doubts

Is Prince William the Planet’s sexiest bald Guy? The web has doubts. This week, surgical team Longevita dubbed the Duke of Cambridge the sexiest bald guy, after assessing Google searches and discovering that Prince William and the phrase”hot” scored over 17 million returns. The British royal beat out celebrities such as Jason Statham, Pitbull and Michael Jordan, based on The Sun, but not everyone online has been convinced he deserved this specific crown. In reality, lots of folks were offended Stanley Tucci did not top the record.

Upon studying the poll results, 1 enthusiast tweeted,”C’mon, folks.

Another additional ,”Nope, on many levels. Incorrect. Everybody knows it’s actually Stanley Tucci.”

A third composed ,”Look, no matter your view of this royal household, I believe we can ALL agree that this really is Stanley Tucci erasure and it will not stand.”

It wasn’t all roughly Stanley Tucci, nevertheless.

“Shemar Moore among the funniest bald guys that grace us” tweeted that a Shemar fan. “Prince William, no.”

Another enthusiast additional ,”I do not understand about him’Prince William’ function as the sexiest bald guy when you’ve Shemar Moore.”

Others accused the Prince of cheating the poll (to be clear: he didn’t ), tweeting,”On a scale of Stanley Tucci and Shemar Moore, the way disgusting do you believe the survey is that reasoned that Prince William is your sexist bald guy living?”

While Prince William might not shout”hot bald guy power” to a lot of those Shemar and Stanley lovers, it is worth noting that the royal was a leading heartthrob.

Regrettably, he’d have hair back then. . .which place him in a totally different alluring group from Stanley and Shemar.

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