Probe launched into death of Manager of Korean Company in Iraq

BAGHDAD — Iraq launched Saturday an investigation into the death of a high tech manager of a Korean firm implementing a strategic interface job in Iraq’s southwest, following Iraqi lawmakers throw doubt over first reports deeming the episode a suicide.

Park Chul-Ho, manager for the West Daewoo E&C Iraq office employing the building of the booming Fao port, has been found dead Friday morning. His dangling corpse was discovered by an employee in the business chemical at the oil-rich state of Basra several km from the vent website.

After several officials refuted the first findings which the death was suicide, a committee had been formed to explore Park’s departure.

The analysis will consist of surveillance footage recovered from around the chemical, Walid al-Sharif, the mayor of all al-Fao district in Basra said.

Seconds after his body was discovered the Ministry of Transport, that manages the vent, ” said Park’s death was a suicide and that his departure wouldn’t derail the job, in a declaration.

However, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan Karim al-Kaabi then submitted a petition to the authorities to conduct a serious investigation into the circumstances surrounding Park’s passing.

Al-Kaabi questioned the timing of Park’s death because it’d come following a statement from the Transport Ministry concerning the impending signing of a contract concerning the next phase of this Fao port undertaking, he explained in remarks to express media. After full, Iraqi officials expect Fao port will considerably boost Iraq’s market and give an option to the nation’s major commodities port in Umm Qasr.

Numerous foreign firms operate in the southern province of Basra, mostly from the petroleum industry.

Following the parliament petition, the Interior Ministry formed a questionnaire that was subsequently discharged to Basra to establish the analysis, according to spokesman Saad Maan.