Prominent Twitter accounts Seemingly hacked, Inquiring for Bitcoin

The Twitter accounts of many well-known figures and businesses have seemingly been jeopardized by an unknown hacker requesting users to send money into some Bitcoin account.

Apple was concentrated.

Obama, with more than 120 million followers, has over every other individual on the stage.

It said that the Turks” successfully targeted a number of our employees using internal systems and resources.

“We all know that they used this access to treat several highly-visible (including confirmed ) reports and Tweet in their benefit,” Twitter stated in a statement. “We are looking to what other malicious action they could have conducted or advice they might have obtained and will share much more here since we’ve got it.”

Before the company managed to recover control of the account, it advised users”You might not be able to Tweet or reset your password while we examine and handle this episode.”

Verified accounts weren’t permitted to post for approximately two weeks as a precaution.

At 8:41 p.m., hours after the first hacking, Twitter said matters should be largely back to normal.

“Most accounts ought to be in a position to Tweet again,” the firm wrote. “As we keep working on a repair, this operation may go and come.

In a late-night set of tweets, Twitter wrote, “We’ve locked accounts which were compromised and will restore access to the first account owner when we’re sure we can do this safely. Internally, we have taken important actions to restrict access to internal tools and systems while our analysis is continuing.”

The hashtag”#hacked” quickly climbed to the top of tendencies on the website Wednesday afternoon.

The obvious scam message requested users to ship Bitcoin, which could subsequently be doubled.

“I’m giving back to your community. All Bitcoin delivered to the address below will be routed doubled! Should you send $1,000, then I’ll send $2,000.

Biden’s campaign immediately responded to its consideration being hacked.

“Twitter secured down the accounts immediately after the breach and eliminated the associated tweet.

FBI’s San Francisco field office, that covers Twitter’s headquarters, also provided a statement.

“We’re conscious of the current security episode involving many Twitter accounts belonging to high profile people,” it stated. “The accounts seem to have been jeopardized to perpetuate cryptocurrency fraud. We urge the public to not fall prey to the scam by sending cryptocurrency or cash concerning this episode.”

A Secret Service spokesperson told ABC News, “The U.S. Secret Service knows of a suspected hacking episode linked to social networking reports. As a matter of practice, the Secret Service doesn’t affirm the presence or lack of continuing investigations.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., instantly warned people to not participate in the scam.