Protester killed in southern Iraq since tensions flare again

BASRA, Iraq — Iraqi security forces opened fire during clashes with tens of thousands of protesters from the southern town of Basra on Friday, killing a single demonstrator and wounding several other people as tensions flared once more, hospital officials said.

The clashes erupted after a number of the protesters attempted to put up stalls at a public square, a week later similar, formerly erected protest stalls at Basra and Baghdad was eliminated.

Dozens of young Iraqis were spotted running away in terror after the shots were fired in Basra.

Last Saturday, Iraqi forces removed out sit-in tents out of Baghdad’s central Tahrir Square which had become the epicenter of anti-government mass protests that erupted last year. They also eliminated tents in Basra’s Bahriya Square and at other southern towns which have seen significant protests during the last year.

The elimination of these tents has resulted in anxieties and protesters in Basra have been attempting to erect them, holding demonstrations in town for the previous 3 days. They’re also demanding the sacking of their governor and also an investigation of previous killings of protesters.

They spoke on condition of anonymity according to regulations.

Over 500 individuals were killed throughout the months-long demonstration movement which started in October 2019 in Baghdad and across the mostly Shiite south, a lot of these demonstrators were taken by Iraqi security forces.

Despite reaching unprecedented amounts in overdue 2019 and successfully raising pressure on the nation’s elites, the anti-government protests have been mostly dormant in the aftermath of this coronavirus pandemic. Activists also blamed the fall in figures on a savage crackdown by Iraqi security forces and militia groups, in addition to kidnappings and targeted assassinations.