Prototype Crescent Ganyu Reviews – Read More About It!

Prototype Crescent Ganyu Reviews – Read More About It! Have You Been aware of the new Personality of Genshin Impact? Are you interested to learn about its weapon? Read the information and receive the particulars.

Today’s article will reveal the facts as well. It’s been staying on the hunt box of Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, United States. Prototype Crescent is a longbow that has been found in Black Sea forge. This is a potent weapon, and when an arrow is fired out of this, it provides an immense beam of moonlight. For this reason, people are more interested to learn about it.

If you’re also interested in knowing about this highly effective weapon, then stay joined with it before the report ends.

About Prototype Crescent Ganyu

Prototype Cresent is a weapon used in Genshin impact. This role-playing game was played by men and women of all Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, United States, and it’s various weapons and characters from the game. Ganyu is among those characters who have united this match. She’s access to numerous weapons out of that Prototype Crescent is just one. It’s the 4-star bow utilized by Ganyu. This bow is offered using a blacksmith and is simple for Ganyu to receive it.

Who does Ganyu?

A female role-playing personality in Genshin affects Ganyu’s behave as a playable character. She can use any weapon such as Amos Bow, Prototype Crescent Ganyu, Black Circle Warbow, and several other exciting weapons are offered for her. It’s a recently combined character in the sport. She’s a reserved woman and a faithful man who thinks about finishing all tasks according to the offer.

She’s different abilities, which you can understand by researching this personality more while playing with. Friends, it might be a wonderful experience. You should attempt this new feminine character with specific qualities of individuals and some unique abilities that only God could have.

Unique Best Bow

Each of the weapons operates well in their location, but Prototype Crescent is thought to be the ideal bow for the people. An individual can keep on hitting the enemy for quite a while by attacking the enemy’s weak point, which raises the motion of SPD around 10 percent and ATK by 36 percent. This bow was created with historical wood and assorted elements of steel. Because of this reason Prototype Crescent Ganyuis regarded as the finest bow along with a highly effective weapon.


Thus, we’ve discussed among the most recent personalities, Ganyu, which has produced many fascinating abilities and attributes which we can research. Even the more you’ll play this personality, the more you’ll explore. Additionally, we’ve shared the specifics of Prototype Cresent, which will be four stars rated weapon.

Ganyu may use some of those bows while enjoying, but following the conversation done, we discovered a Prototype Crescent Ganyu is going to be the best option. Thus, try out this weapon with Ganyu and discuss your expertise with us.