Puerto Rico shutters 911 call Facilities amid coronavirus Instances

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The two of Puerto Rico’s 911 call centers were closed down Wednesday night following several workers tested positive for the coronavirus, officials declared.

Public Safety Secretary Pedro Janer said individuals should telephone the island’s emergency management service at 787-724-0124 or authorities at 787-343-2020 in a crisis. He explained both agencies are working 24 hours per day.

Then the listing provided callers using a directory.

He said that he had been shocked by the government’s temporary strategy to manage crises in the U.S. land of 3.2 million individuals.

Lugo said officials must relay 911 calls to some other number, instead of forcing people to phone a very long number they would need to read or hear on the news.

“Response times will certainly be influenced,” he explained.

“It is a choice that is being assessed,” she explained.

She said she did not understand why officials decided to close the two 911 centers before making sure that such choices were set up.

It’s the very first time Puerto Rico has closed down its secondary and primary 911 call centers. Janer stated the buildings will probably be completely cleaned and he will soon announce when surgeries in the 911 call centers will restart.

It was uncertain how many workers tested positive.

Puerto Rico has reported over 29,700 confirmed instances of coronavirus infections. It’s had over 770 deaths in COVID-19, the disorder which may result from the virus.