Puregold Scam Reviews – Puregold Promo Is Scam Or Legit Website?

Puregold Scam Reviews – Puregold Promo Is Scam Or Legit Website? you discover a competition or an internet article that invites one to enter into a game and give a significant prize, then you’re cautious.

Puregold Scam: should you receive any notification saying that you can win golden, then you’ve got to alert. Everyone enjoys rewards; if folks go the term, reward, or present, they give all their focus on the way they could acquire that reward or gift. But the majority of the time, these kinds of approaches are fraud, and several men and women are victims of these kinds of fraud activities.Puergold is a business located in the Philippines, also this business became notorious in the nation due to a possible scam posted on its FB page.

About Puregold Scam

The scam happened on puregold’s Facebook, where you will find a specific article. The article said that puregold could earn a giveaway to the top winner of this competition. The competition was announced on the 5th of July in the netizens needed to discuss the article with their group. Along with sharing the article, the netizen has been requested to write in the comment area”ME” for example fifty times. To sound genuine, they also posted the titles of the previous five winners for this competition so that folks feel it’s real and more and more unites the contest.


  • Site: https://www.facebook.com/puregold.shopping/
  • After on the Webpage: 2700460
  • Contact number: 6325245351
  • Email Id: [email protected]

Everything is the truth behind the Puregold Scam?

Following the official announcement posted by the webpage days following this competition, they wrote that the article was a scam and there wasn’t any such contest. They also wrote that the individuals are advised to not think such a post, and they need to confirm whether such articles came on the official webpage or not. If the official webpage articles the article, then only it’ll be an authentic individual, or if the article about Puregold came from another unknown webpage, it can be a possible scam.

Customer Reviews

Lots of people were excited from the article as if such sort of competition comes, and individuals have rewarded talent, it always excites all. But, when they did what was requested from the article, and nobody won the competition, it left the netizen mad, as nobody likes to be the person who got scammed.


In summary, it may be stated that these kinds of scams are easy to capture public attention as a huge payoff prize is constantly involved with it, and everybody runs to acquire it. Whereas the significant prize blinds the individuals, and they don’t ask about the origin of the competition, how a lot of those scams are powerful.

The consumers must employ a high degree of caution whilst enter into these kinds of contests, and when they believe the origin of the competition isn’t authentic, they ought to bond rather than combine it. In the end, the consumer is suggested to browse the Puregold Scam testimonials to have a much better comprehension of the scam and also keep themselves protected from such scams.