Resources: Monday Night Football game Can Proceed from New Orleans into Indianapolis

The Saints may also move their clinic surgeries to Indianapolis if desired — because they did for a week in 2008 when Hurricane Gustav struck Louisiana. The Saints have considered Indianapolis as a contingency alternative due to the ample hotel area and suitable place of the downtown arena.

Delta is set down on the country of Louisiana and is predicted to make landfall as a hurricane on Friday night.

The Colts, who play with the Browns at Cleveland on Sunday, have been educated by the league the Monday night match may be played at Lucas Oil Stadium, a source told ESPN.

The Athletic first documented the possible movement of the match.

The NFL usually has weather-related contingency plans set up for matches – as it did to its new California wildfires, for instance.

“We shall continue to track developments in the region and stay in touch with all the nightclubs,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said. “We have contingency plans for many games.”

The Saints are scheduled to hold their first practice of the week Thursday because it’s a Monday night match. They’d probably leave town then clinic session, if necessary, though no decision has been made yet.