Rio Tinto CEO to Depart destruction of Indigenous Websites

CANBERRA, Australia — Rio Tinto chief executive Jean-Sebastien Jacques will depart the Anglo-Australian mining giant by March on the devastation of Australian sacred websites to get iron ore, the business said on Friday.

By mutual arrangement, Jacques will step down after a replacement has been appointed or about March 31, whichever occurs earlier, the announcement said.

Executives Chris Salisbury and Simone Niven will depart the Business on Dec. 31.

Rio Tinto announced last month that Jacques will lose $3.5 million in bonuses and Salisbury and Niven approximately $700,000 each within the devastation in May of 2 stone lands in Juukan George from Western Australia country that was occupied for 46,000 decades.

Rio Tinto concluded in an internal inspection a month that there was”no single root cause or mistake which immediately destroyed these stone shelters.”

The Western Australian government has promised to upgrade Native heritage legislation that enabled Rio Tinto to lawfully destroy the sacred sites.

Jamie Lowe, chief executive of the National Native Title Council, which reflects Australia’s traditional owners of this property, said he’d called on Rio Tinto to take more actions than cutting on executive bonuses.

Lowe welcomed the decision to substitute both executives.

“There has to be a persistent theme of these demonstrating they are aware of cultural heritage and its security,” Lowe said of mining businesses.

“We will keep working together with Rio Tinto in the wake of this Juukan Gorge catastrophe. Our focus continues to rest heavily on maintaining the Aboriginal heritage and advocating for extensive modifications to guarantee a tragedy like this never occurs,” the company said in a statement.

“We can’t and won’t permit this kind of devastation to happen ever again,” the announcement added.