Rochester mayor fires police chief amid Direction shake-up over Daniel Prude’s Passing

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren fired Police Chief La’Ron Singletary Monday two weeks before he was set to retire in his control, included in direction changes after a review of Daniel Prude’s departure.

Warren told reporters the casual management inspection of this town’s management of the March 23 incident revealed that the town failed to take Prude’s departure as badly as it ought to have. She explained changes necessary to occur instantly.

“The first look has revealed what many have guessed, we now have a pervasive problem from the Rochester Police Department — one which views everything through the eyes of the badge rather than the taxpayers we serve,” she explained in a news conference.

Singletary declared last week which that he was retiring on Sept. 29 due to the continuing research into Prude’s departure. Six other division leaders declared they will vacate their functions at the close of the month.

The shakeup arrived a week after authorities camera footage was released showing the episode between the officers and Prude, 41. Prude’s brother, Joe, called 911 for help, stating Daniel was using a mental health crisis.

From the movie, officials strategy Prude, who’s nude, and Prude originally complies with all the officers’ orders. Prude is then seen crying and spitting, which compels officers to put a spit bag over his mind.

The officers are subsequently seen pinning Prude into the floor while the bag remains on his mind, and he finally goes dead. Prude died a week after.

Many protests broke out in the days after the launch of this movie, with a number of them turning controversial as authorities broke up audiences who marched through the town.

Warren stated she’d take several testimonials from the accounts. The mayor called for the City Office of Public Integrity (OPI) to initiate a comprehensive investigation to find out whether any workers — such as himself — violated city policies or moral criteria.

“As mayor, I have those failures.”