Rocket Arena season 2 continues a different playable character that week

There is a lot of new things coming in year two, including a cute new playable character named Leef, fresh bot forms, a brand new PvE style, a few balancing upgrades, and much more.

The small”elfin critter” utilizes a magical wooden team to shoot off rockets that burst into enemies upon effect. As soon as you’ve flung enough rockets about to completely control Leef’s staff, it ignites a large ol’ beam assault. And as you’d expect from a personality Leef’s dimensions, you may even utilize Warp Dash to control around the stadium and prevent attacks. Meanwhile, its both valuable companion, known as Flitt, flies around enemies and cocoons them within a power field mid-air.

There is also a brand new PvE mode named Bot Knockout in which it is possible to play AI-controlled enemies or with friends. Season 2 also raises the number of characters which could be robots to comprise Jayto, Blastbeard, Amphora, and Izell.

The maximum on personality levels has been improved to 125 per character, and you obtain an emerald bead ensemble for attaining the limit. Furthermore, there are currently three daily challenges and three per week of challenges to finish. Some gameplay upgrades consist of omnidirectional motion for Dodge and also a speed increase when you receive coins from Treasure Hunt. At length, Flux, Jayto, and Mysteen have experienced some balancing upgrades employed for Rocket Arena period 2. It is possible to find the entire list of changes from the Rocket Arena year two patch notes.