Romance song master Armando Manzanero has more Songs to give

MEXICO CITY — Armando Manzanero nevertheless has audio to give.

After answering the telephone for a meeting about the Lifetime Achievement Award he will receive in the Latin Billboard Awards Wednesday, he had been in the middle of a recording session.

“That which I say and that I write, or believe, I record therefore it will not get misplaced,” he explained. “The one thing I need to hope for if God still provides me a while, is to get a few artists to record a few songs.”

“Until four decades back, I needed that drive to chase the singers at any price,” he explained. “However, the time has also instructed me that that isn’t right, isn’t fair. I’m a guy who has worked hard, that has fought every step along the way. I started from the ground up, not the other way round.”

The Latin Grammy-winner was celebrated for his livelihood in 2010 from the Latin Recording Academy.

From the interview with The Associated Press, Manzanero appeared back occasionally when he needed to struggle for his songs, the excellent celebrities he’s produced, and a few intimate details of his life.

AP: You’re getting the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Latin Billboards. What exactly does this signify for you?

MANZANERO: It is an award for all of the time I spent battling and fighting, fighting, and achievement at any cost in such a stunning and hard company as are songs.

Plus it ends up that, when a brand new artist comes out… once I see young folks recording my songs or somebody such as Sebastián Yatra attempting to work with me, I feel really happy. The tunes I created 50 or 60 decades ago are still living. Even flowers do not last that long.

AP: You’ve not succeeded as a composer. As a manufacturer, you’ve worked with artists such as Luis Miguel and Angélica María. What do you enjoy the most about this site?

MANZANERO: If you speak about Angélica María, then you’re speaking about an eternal personality. Who’d have guessed that an unidentified 23-year-old guy, a mere pianist, and composer, was likely to seem cool for a woman like Angélica María, who was then a woman, and that she’d hear him and take him to consideration and listed”Eddy Eddy” and”Paso a Pasito”? Together with Luis Miguel, we could say that I shut that side for a producer. His (bolero records )”Romances” are among the functions that left me the best sense, and the very best advantage, as a composer. I’m proud of having done it.

AP: The tune”It’s Impossible”, the English edition of”Somos Novios” recorded by Perry Como, gave you global fame, but you needed to go court to demonstrate your authorship.

MANZANERO: My dad taught me, once you’re right, you must struggle to the death. I had to survive this disagreeable procedure. If they change it to”It is Impossible,” which makes it five and also this past syllable made it seem the same as the start of a French tune, but just the start. Under no circumstances did I need to steal a tune, nor need to my tune to resemble anyone else and least of a French tune. That taught me all great temptations and successes in existence, in regards to cash, bring difficulties. I fought it until the previous day and the person who gets compensated for”It’s Impossible” is me.

AP: The amorous tune is huge in Mexico. How do you feel like a winner of the musical genre which has had a worldwide effect?

MANZANERO: I take the flag of their very best music on earth, the most amazing songs, and I am not the person who made it. Someone such as Juventino Rosas did along with his waltz”Sobre las Olas,” somebody like Lorenzo Barcelata together with his tune”María Elena”, somebody such as Mrs. Consuelo Velázquez together with all the most sung song in the entire world, “Bésame Mucho.” I winner all those fantastic songs that people Mexicans have.

AP: You’ve written over 400 songs. Any especially anything special for you?

MANZANERO: “Contigo Aprendí” was a turning point from 1 age to another, the age of kids like Angélica María, Alberto Vázquez, Manolo Muñoz, Enrique Guzmán, each of the greats of the moment, and following that started my time along with different sorts of interpreters, such as Carlos Lico together with his”No”, the Castro brothers together with”Contigo Aprendí.” I began fitting into various generations.