Rome renames music Hallway Following Oscar-winner Ennio Morricone

ROME — Rome’s city council voted Friday to rename among its own concert halls following Oscar-winning composer Ennio Morricone, who died a week at the Italian capital.

The Music Park Auditorium will now be known as the Ennio Morricone Auditorium.

Morricone acquired a lifetime achievement Academy Award in 2007 in addition to an Oscar in 2016 for the score he composed for”The Hateful Eight.”

In Rome’s City Hall ceremony, director Giuseppe Tornatore, whose”Cinema Paradiso” won an Oscar as best foreign-language picture and also showcased Morricone’s sentimental songs, fought against tears because he paid tribute to the composer.

Tornatore remembered how Morricone liked to state “in silence, one discovers the secret to music… that the silences, the periods.” Referring to this 91-year-old composer’s death on July 6, Tornatore added: “Thus, possibly the silence he initiated a couple of days back is exactly what is going to be the toughest for us to hear, since it’ll be a silence that is too, too long”

One of Morricone’s memorable songs for films was the coyote-howl motif for the iconic Spaghetti Western”The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and the haunting music in the epic”Once Upon A Time in the USA.”