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Russian FM Says Connections With West Have’hit On The Bottom’

Russian FM Says Connections With West Have’hit On The Bottom’

MOSCOW — Russia’s top diplomat said Thursday the nation’s relations with the USA and its allies have”hit the floor” and no date was set for sending the Russian ambassador back to Washington.

Addressing the problem Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called Biden’s remarks”appalling” and said they’d driven Moscow to rethink its ties with Washington.

Lavrov also expressed sorrow about Washington’s rejection of Putin’s offer to organize a fast public contact using Biden to help defuse the tension within the opinions.

“The confrontation has struck the floor,” the Union said in televised remarks. “However on the flip side, there’s a hope that they’re all grown-up men and women who realize the dangers linked with inciting further anxieties.

Lavrov stated it’d be around Putin to choose if Ambassador Anatoly Antonov yields to Washington.

Biden has stated the times of the U.S.”rolling ” into Putin are all done. And he’s taken pains to contrast his approach with that of former President Donald Trump, who avoided confrontation with Putin and often talked about the Russian pioneer with acceptance.

The Biden government has warned that Russia would face sanctions shortly over the enormous SolarWinds hacks and tries to influence the past year’s U.S. presidential election to keep Trump from the White House.

Russia’s relations with the USA and the European Union had dived to post-Cold War lows after Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea, election meddling, hacking attacks and most lately, the poisoning and imprisonment of Russian resistance leader Alexei Navalny.

Lavrov argued the U.S.-led strain on Russia”has zero opportunity for success”

“We’re considering the EU being independent and strong,” he explained.

“We will remain prepared to restore our connection, to increase it from the ash,” Lavrov said. “But we will not knock on the door that is closed.”

Lavrov also resisted the notion of Russia with its energy supplies to EU countries as political sway. He said Moscow would not cut costs even if the West transferred to step up sanctions on Russia.

“We will not take part in a circumstance when we suspend EU taxpayers,” he explained.

While pointing at Russia’s increasingly close ties with China, the foreign minister emphasized that Moscow and Beijing have zero intention of having military cooperation or coordinating a joint position against the West.

“We do not require a military alliance at the traditional feel such as NATO,” Lavrov said.

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