Russian frigate and container Boat collide in Danish waters

Weather reports demonstrate that there was thick fog in the region at the time of the accident on Wednesday morning.

The navy also stated that nobody seemed to have been hurt and there have been no reports of some escapes throughout the crash near the Oresund connection, a bridge, and a tube which links Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest town.

It stated the civilian boat, Ice Rose, had anchored in Danish waters and it was”withheld… Until there’s the assurance of the boat’s seaworthiness.”

The whereabouts of this unidentified Russian frigate wasn’t known.

The collision happened in the southern portion of this narrow Oresund directly between the Danish capital and southern Sweden, the Danish navy said.

It said it had been on-site using a patrol boat together with Soviet boats.

The cause of the crash wasn’t known but Danish marine industry site Soefart stated the Russian frigate proceeded on with its automated identification method, called AIS, switched away.

The almost 145 meter-long (476 ft ) frigate boat came from St. Petersburg in Russia and has been en route to Goteborg, Sweden, according to the ship-tracking site