Russian prankster gets by Telephone to Polish president

The prankster, Vladimir Kuznetsov, called Vovan, published a record of this 11-minute telephone on YouTube, and Duda’s office confirmed Wednesday it’s authentic.

At different points in the dialogue, conducted in English, Duda seems amazed in the line of questioning but describes the imitation Antonio Guterres as”Your Excellency.”

State safety is exploring the way the prankster got through the president, and if Russia’s secret services were included.

The Internal Security Agency said in a statement that the call was approved by a Polish assignment official in the U.N., which his activities are under investigation.

Poland’s relations with Russia are stressed, particularly during Poland’s support for Ukraine’s push for closer connections with the European Union.

The caller congratulates Duda on his reelection but requires him to work on his aggressive campaign remarks concerning the LGBT community, drawing Duda’s assurance he has”enormous admiration for every human being.”

Duda also denied any proposal that Poland would attempt to maintain back the Ukrainian town of Lviv, which was a part of Poland before World War II.

Kuznetsov, as well as also the Russian prankster Alexei Stolyarov, Who’s called Lexus, have formerly embarrassed European politicians such as French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in Addition to Elton John and Prince Harry with comparable hoax calls.