S. Korea calls for N. Korea to investigate shooting

Seoul could also call for a concerted investigation into Tuesday’s shooting, that sparked outrage from the South and brought a rare apology from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

On the other hand, the North Korean message, which was declared by the office of South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday, mostly passed the responsibility for the shooting into the South Korean officer, asserting that he refused to answer inquiries and tried to flee before North Korean soldiers fired.

South Korean officials during a presidential National Security Council meeting Friday evening concluded that additional investigation was required since the North’s report of this episode was different from that which had been accumulated by South Korean intelligence, Moon’s office stated.

“We have opted to ask the North to conduct another investigation and request a joint evaluation with the North when needed,” that the Blue House said in a statement. It stated the South will even”quickly take steps to further strengthen surveillance position” in waters off the country’s western shore to stop similar episodes.

South Korea’s coast guard was deploying dozens of boats and countless officers to hunt waters close to the western sea boundary Saturday for the official stays. The North’s state media have to report the episode or Kim’s apology.

South Korea previously accused the North of shooting the guy, who was probably attempting to defect, and burning his own body after locating him onto a floating thing in North Korean waters.

However, North Korea in its message stated that troops fired blanks following the guy refused to answer questions aside from saying he is from South Korea a few times. Subsequently, as he left motions to flee, the North Korean soldiers fired 10 rounds. When they arrived close to the floating thing, they simply found plenty of blood but no indication of him. The troops decided that he was burnt and dead the floating thing in accord with anti-coronavirus principles, the message stated.

North Korea has expressed”regrets” as it desired to reduce tensions triggered by episodes between South Korean casualties, like the 2015 front-line mine blasts that amuse two South Korean soldiers as well as the 2008 shooting death of a South Korean tourist from North Korea. Nonetheless, it’s uncommon for a North Korean chief to achieve that.