Salvagers working to Fix Flow on Petroleum tanker Away Sri Lanka

The MT New Diamond, which is carrying almost 2 million barrels of crude oil, has been ruined by two fires at a little more than a week.

Following the second fire was extinguished Wednesday, salvage specialists climbed on board to the boat Thursday for testimonials.

The 17 pros consist of Dutch and British professionals — rescue surgery experts, tragedy evaluators, and authorized advisors. They’ve been delivered by New Shipping Ltd., the commercial owner of this New Diamond at Athens, Greece.

The oil slick near the boat is roughly 10 to 30 meters (yards) wide and approximately a nautical mile and an aircraft in the coast guard on Thursday sprayed dispersants about the slick, the navy said.

The patch is very likely to be heavy gas oil in the boat, it stated. The boat has roughly 1,700 tons of gas oil to power its engines.

The navy said the first fire started in an engine space boiler but didn’t propagate into wherever the oil is retained.

Additionally, it stated the boat’s pump and engine chambers are bombarded with seawater, stabling in trimming by aft condition. Because of this, it’s supposed the fuel slick was due to sludge oozed with water, and isn’t a freight escape.

Water samples obtained from the website are being analyzed by government analysts since Sri Lanka’s Marine Environment Protection Authority has stated it intends to take legal actions within the flame.

The tanker was hauling crude oil in the port of Mina Al Ahmadi from Kuwait into the Indian port of Paradip, in which the Lamb Indian Oil Corp. includes a refinery.