South Korea changes Legislation to Allow BTS postpone military Support

SEOUL, South Korea — Globally accomplished K-pop stars such as BTS will then be granted an opportunity to put off army conscription before age 30 after a new amendment to South KoreaMexican legislation.

South Korea’s National Assembly passed a bill to amend the Military Service Act on Tuesday, saying that a pop artist could postpone military service on the culture ministry’s recognition he has committed to bettering the national standing.

By this revised Military Service Act,” a pop culture artist that had been advocated by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to have significantly improved the image of Korea both within the country and across the world” will be permitted to postpone their military service before age of 30 if they don’t have an outstanding reason. Before launching, the Military Service Act simply gave deferral exceptions for athletes, classical musicians, and individuals who enrolled in Ph.D. programs overseas.

“A range of Korean guys in their 20’s, such as BTS, frequently had difficulty proving their abilities because of concerns regarding the military support. This modification has solved this issue by a bit,” Jeon Yong-gi of the Democratic Party, among the lawmakers who drafted the bill, also told ABC News.

One’s authentic career is put on hold before the army service is finished.

But, there is an exemption for sports characters or artists that have won designated federal or global competitions so they might continue their professions. However, as K-pop stars are becoming increasingly more powerful in the pop music landscape during the previous ten years, questions are raised on whether to provide an exemption to pop celebrities that are at the peak of their livelihood too.

Regardless of the disagreement, the Military Manpower Administration accountable for devoting soldiers has made it clear via a written announcement in October that pop brothers weren’t qualified for military exemption. The government clarified it is not in accord with the government’s fundamental stance to increase equality and equity in the execution of compulsory military service.

During a press conference of the brand new album a month,” Jin told the media that”military support is an issue of course, as well since our [BTS] members had talked several times, most of us plan to register for the army daily.”

“It’s prime time for K-pop idols in their 20’s to meet and perform fans, therefore the army enlistment is an obstacle for not only the artist himself but also the management firm in creating marketing strategies,” K-pop columnist Ha Ja-Keun informed Abc News. “Recognizing that they can postpone until 30 will loosen the psychological anxiety over army conscription.”

This past year, 86 percent of people who joined the army were between the ages of 18 and 21 based on the Military Manpower Administration accountable for enlisting soldiers.