Southwest, American tighten mask Principles; Delta widens testing

“We’re only seeing a lot of exceptions to this (mask) coverage, it’s set our flight crews at a very hard place and made our clients pretty embarrassing,” Southwest Airlines President Tom Nealon said Thursday.

Those movements come as airlines attempt to guarantee passengers and their workers about security in a pandemic which has made many people afraid to fly.

Delta said it will enlarge coronavirus testing in its hub airports and supply at-home evaluations for workers in Florida and Texas — countries that have witnessed a spike of virus deaths and infections lately. Reservations agents that do not operate will also secure at-home evaluations, the airline said.

Delta has been testing workers in its Atlanta headquarters and so-called heart airports and hopes to get analyzed all U.S. employees over the next four months.

This week, Delta started requiring passengers that maintained a medical exception to the face-mask rule to experience new screening — a telephone call using a staffer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Southwest and American Airlines will proceed farther a week by banning passengers that assert a health condition prevents them from wearing a mask. The airlines said just kids under two will probably be exempt from the need.

“Clients and staff members are apparent that they feel much more secure when everybody is sporting a face covering,” explained Alison Taylor, American’s chief consumer officer.

Both drivers said passengers will nevertheless be permitted to take out the mask to drink or eat. Southwest said it anticipates passengers to place their face covering back as soon as possible.

Some folks have complained that fellow passengers flout the principles and airlines do not enforce them.

Important U.S. airlines have expanded their face-mask principles to ticket counters, baggage claim along with different regions within airports, and they threaten to prohibit violators from future flights.