Spain to hear pardon requests for Catalan separatists

BARCELONA, Spain — The Spanish government says it will from next week begin to listen to asks for the pardon of those imprisoned leaders of Catalonia’s secessionist movement.

Justice Minister Juan Carlos Campos stated Wednesday the requests to pardon the politicians and activists, who had been found guilty last October of sedition whilst directing a failed secession effort from the northeastern Spanish region in 2017, could commence the following week.

The inspection process can take weeks.

The statement comes as Catalonia’s regional president expects the judgment of the Supreme Court in another case which could lead to him being eliminated to get electricity for violating electoral laws.

Spain’s government is engaged in complex negotiations to approve a new budget where it might want the aid of Catalonia’s separatist political parties in the Parliament.

Polls demonstrate that Catalonia’s 7.5 million residents are equally divided on the dilemma of liberty from Spain.