Successful heart Surgery for Norway’s aging monarch

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Norway’s 83-year-old King Harald V on Friday failed surgery to replace a heart valve in the primary hospital in Oslo. The palace said that it had been powerful and his condition has been described as great, the palace said.

After the operation at Rikshospitalet’s Cardiovascular and Lung Clinic, the monarch was moved into an intensive care unit for Additional monitoring, the king’s physician, Bjoern Bendz, stated in a palace announcement,

Bendz explained the intervention has been required to enhance the king’s breathing, also added that this sort of surgery is frequently performed.

Last month, the king has been hospitalized with breathing problems.

Following Friday’s operation, the palace said he’ll probably be on sick leave during October.

The team said the surgery wasn’t an open-heart operation and the king had been awake through an operation that was conducted through the groin with anesthesia.

In 2005, the king aortic valve has been replaced by an artificial heart valve. Such valves have a life span of between 10 and 15 decades, the royal family had stated.