Sudan Claims provincial governor killed in car crash

Abdel-Rahman Nour-el-Daem al-Tom, governor of Blue Nile state, was heading into the funds on the official company when his car overturned near the city of Wad Madani, approximately 135 km (85 miles) southeast of Khartoum, according to a statement by the ruling autonomous council.

Authorities in Wad Madani said the automobile overturned when the driver tried to avoid hitting a kid crossing street.

Four others — the motorist, two of the governor’s relatives, and his bodyguard — were hurt in the crash, authorities said.

The state-run SUNA news agency published a photograph of a defeated Land Cruiser SUV automobile where al-Tom was riding. The vehicle seemed to have tumbled off the street into farmland.

Automobile accidents are frequent in Sudan, frequently the consequence of poorly maintained roads and poor enforcement of traffic legislation. The World Health Organization has stated that road accidents killed over 10,000 individuals in Sudan in 2018.

In May, a fiery head-to-head collision involving a truck packed with passengers and a tractor-trailer killed 57 people and left over 20 injured on a street in the country’s Darfur region.