Sudanese bury man Seemingly tortured during detention

CAIRO — tens of thousands of Sudanese on Tuesday attended the funeral service of a guy who was tortured to death this month in a detention center run by a paramilitary force whose members formerly belonged to a militia that rights groups state perpetrated war crimes in Darfur.

His death sparked outrage around Sudan.

The family refused to take the body for instant burial after seeing indicators of clear torture and beating and asked for an autopsy to show the reason for death.

Culture and Information Minister Faisal Mohammed Saleh said Nouri expired while being interrogated by the Quick Support ministry, a force comprised of former Janjaweed militiamen who implemented a brutal crackdown in Sudan’s Darfur area in the 2000s.

Public Prosecutor Taj al-Ser Ali al-Hebr said late Monday that the autopsy verified that the 42-year-old inspector died of injuries consistent with being tortured, and he’s taken”the necessary steps” to have people implicated in Nouri’s passing passed over to prosecutors.

Strong Sudanese Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, commander of the Quick Support Forces, stated he’s eliminated immunity for any RSF members under feeling to permit the prosecutors’ investigation to proceed.

The RSF didn’t provide reasons for Nouri’s detention. But a report from Sudan’s Monti-Caroo news site, which covers RSF actions, said that he was being interrogated over allegations of belonging to a”terrorist group trading at explosives.” The report didn’t offer additional specifics.

On Tuesday, tens of thousands of Sudanese held a protest march in the morgue into the cemetery to get Nouri’s burial in Khartoum. On their way they stopped at RSF headquarters at Khartoum and cried chants from the paramilitary force and known for suspects to be held liable.

Nouri’s death sparked an outcry throughout the nation. The Sudanese Professionals’ Association, which helped spearhead mass protests that caused the army’s ouster of autocrat Omar al-Bashir this past year, called for the closing of all detention facilities run by the RSF.