Suspected extremists kill at least 40 farmers in Nigeria

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — Suspected members of the Islamic militant group Boko Haram murdered at least 40 rice, fishermen and farmers, in Nigeria since they were harvesting plants in the nation’s northern state of Borno, officials explained. One said the death toll may grow to approximately 60 individuals.

The attack Saturday at a rice field in Garin Kwashebe came on the same day that taxpayers were casting votes for the first time in 13 years to select local councils, but many did not go to cast their ballots.

The farmers were rounded up and summarily murdered by armed insurgents in retaliation for refusing to pay extortion to a militant.

Malam Zabarmari, a pioneer of a rice farmers institution in Borno state, supported the massacre into The Associated Press, stating at least 40, as well as 60 people, might have been murdered.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari expressed despair over the killings.

“I condemn the killing of the hardworking farmers from terrorists in Borno State. My thoughts are with their own families in this time of despair,” he explained.

Buhari said the authorities had awarded the armed forces everything required” to take all necessary actions to guard the nation’s inhabitants and its land.”

A part of the home of Representatives,” Ahmed Satomi, that symbolizes the Jere Federal constituency of Borno, said at least 44 burials were happening Sunday.

“Farmers and fishermen were murdered in cold blood. More than 60 farmers were changed, but we just have received 44 corpses in the farms,” the lawmaker said.

Officials state Boko Haram members frequently induce villagers to pay illegal taxation by accepting their livestock or plants but a few villagers have started to withstand the extortion.

Satomi said the farmers at Garin Kwashebe were assaulted because they’d disarmed and detained a Boko Haram gunman on Friday who was tormenting them.

“A single gunman, who had been a part of Boko Haram arrived to harass the farmers by ordering them to give him cash and cook. While he had been waiting for the meals to be cooked, then the farmers captured the instant he stepped to the restroom to grab his gun and tied him up,” he explained.

But regrettably, the security forces failed to shield the brave farmers. In reprisal for them, the Boko Haram mobilized and arrived to strike them in their farms”

Insurgents also torched the rice farms before departing, he explained.