Suspected gas Flow in northern Japan kills 1, injures 17

There was not any indication of a flame and researchers in the defendant a gas leak could have caused the explosion, Koriyama fire department official Hiroki Ogawa said. Local press declares a gas leak and burst happened at a restaurant.

Two of these were severely hurt, Ogawa said.

The area was closed off and acquaintances are evacuated.

NHK footage revealed just a skeleton left of construction, the steel construction gnawed and parts of glass and wall scattered around. Many employees and clients at a nearby bank were hurt, NHK said.

The explosion happened in a crowded business and commercial district near the city’s most important railway station, where schools, hospitals, and town halls can also be situated.

“I heard that a boom!’ And felt the floor shaking, so I believed it had been an earthquake, but the vibration did not last quite long so that I understood it was not,” a worker at neighboring Kuwano Kyoritsu Hospital told NHK. Nobody has been hurt in the hospital, though some of its windows were shattered.