Suspected migrant smuggler Expires while evading Greek Authorities

THESSALONIKI, Greece — A man described by Greek authorities as probably a migrant trafficker was murdered while attempting to prevent a police checkpoint at the north of the nation, and yet another was detained after also killing and raping six sheep and a sheepdog with his motor vehicle.

The different incidents happened Saturday, but authorities declared them Sunday.

He said that the man was pronounced dead in a hospital and did not have records that could assist identity him.

The guy who drove to a flock of sheep had been stopped on a country road close to the city of Kavala, authorities said. They explained the detained driver as a 30-year-old Syrian.

Authorities sources, speaking on condition of anonymity as they weren’t authorized to speak about cases under investigation, said they suspect the two guys were traffickers heading into the Greek-Turkish border to pick up individuals.

Police say that they use the pretext of assessing drivers’ permits to prevent suspected traffickers because most are not licensed to drive and oftentimes they use stolen automobiles, bogus license plates, or even both.

Traffickers, having captured on that authorities are putting up highway checkpoints, have taken to using back streets. Nevertheless, recent reinforcements have enabled police to attempt and apprehend suspects on less-used streets too.