Swedish nurse wins a week of isolation, Movies amid pandemic

GOTEBORG, Sweden — Cinema at lockdown: Scandinavia’s biggest film festival is investigating the social isolation caused by COVID-19 by assembling a temporary cinema-for-one on a desolated island in the North Sea using the sole companionship the occasions’ whole movie collection and sufficient food to survive the week.

Lisa Enroth was chosen among 12,000 volunteers to spend per week to the island of Hamneskar in Pater Noster, a former lighthouse turned boutique resort. A crisis ward nurse in Sweden with a passion for the movie, Lisa stated the isolation could present her”time to reflect and be independent” following a hectic year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

8, is unquestionably unique.

Enroth, who left for the island Saturday, watches the movies online in her area or living space, or she can see them in the very top of the lighthouse itself where organizers have put up a little screen surrounded by a wonderful view.

“Through this particular outbreak, so lots of individuals have turned to the theatre when in isolation,” he explained. “However, the pandemic has also altered how we encounter movies.”

Like many occasions, the film festival has moved online as COVID-19 constraints prohibited public gatherings, but organizers have set up a real-time streaming platform available to individuals residing in Sweden to replicate, albeit virtually, the collective theatre viewing experience.

In the Draken theatre, the traditional home of the film festival, just 1 ticket can be obtained for every screening, but filmmakers, performers or artists can also seem to talk in their work.

The opening gala watched the premiere of Tove, the 2020 biographical picture of the Finnish writer and illustrator Tove Jansson, founder of this Moonie’s series. Walking down an empty red rug, the film’s director and lead actress dressed the area and also the organizers sought to replicate the delight of a premiere into the sole viewer from the hallway. However, a buzz has been also found on the internet, with people posting photographs dressed for the premiere and drinking champagne.

“we would like to promote this and make it much as a social experience as you can,” Holmberg said.

For the real-world movie adventure, a lottery determines who receives a ticket and on Saturday it was Sandra Fogel’s turn to sit down.

Of the 700-seats to select from, she sat off-centre a couple of rows in the side.

“It is a bit depressed,” she explained, “since you don’t understand what’s going to occur when the pandemic is over. What’s going to occur with all the cinemas?”