Syrian refugee camp burnt to Earth in northern Lebanon

BEIRUT — Over 300 Syrian refugees have been made to flee a casual camp in northern Lebanon as a refuge raged burnt and through tents into the floor, U.N. and Lebanese officials said Sunday.

The fire Saturday raged for four hours as firefighters attempted to put it outside, the civil defense stated.

The fire ensued after a battle involving a family and Syrians dwelling in the camp at the al-Miniyeh district from the nation’s north, according to social media reports.

The Lebanese military said Sunday it had conducted raids and detained two-thirds of guys and six Syrians within their analysis. The military confiscated weapons throughout the raids and said it expected to make additional arrests.

Khaled Kabbara, a U.N. refugee bureau spokesman in northern Lebanon, stated some 375 folks lived at the informal settlement which was situated on a scheme of the leased property. He explained the whole camp had been burnt to the ground.

He said some residents of this camp returned Sunday to determine if anything can be salvaged.

The majority of the refugees have sought refuge in other local informal settlements, and a few members of their local community also have provided a shield, Kabbara said.

Kabbara stated altercations between taxpayers and Syrian refugees frequently”catastrophically affect the community as a whole.”

Tensions are typical in Lebanon between Syrian and citizens refugees that have fled the war in their own country. Lebanon is host to over 1 million refugees, almost a quarter of the nation’s population of 5 million, burdening the country’s infrastructure that is already crumbling.

They withdrew in 2005 after the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, which ignited enormous anti-Syrian protests.