Taiwanese, Chinese staffers Hurt after Conflict in Fiji

TAIPEI, Taiwan — China and Taiwan traded accusations Monday within a violent altercation that broke from Chinese diplomats and Taiwan government workers in a current Taiwan National Day reception in Fiji.

Both China and Taiwan affirmed the Oct. 8 episode but every contested another’s claim of exactly what precipitated the struggle, which led to a single Taiwanese staffer being delivered to a hospital with a head injury. Among the Chinese diplomats was hurt.

The confrontation, an extreme illustration of the tensions between the rival authorities, erupted when Taiwanese in the gathering attempted to prevent Chinese diplomats from accepting photographs of guests in the reception marking Taiwan’s national day, a Taiwan foreign ministry spokeswoman, Joanne Ou, stated in a written announcement.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the Chinese embassy in Fiji’s employees’ activities which seriously violates rule of law and standards of civilized behavior,” said Ou. She said Taiwan had made an official protest to the Fiji government.

China’s embassy in Fiji explained in a statement published Monday that Taiwan’s report was”inconsistent with the truth ” It said among its employees was hurt.

“On this day, the team of the Taipei Trade Office in Fiji acted provocatively from the Chinese Embassy employees who had been carrying out their official responsibilities in the public place outside the job place, causing injuries and harm to a Chinese diplomat,” the announcement said.

The Chinese side also criticized that the National Day party, saying it”violates the one-China principle as well as the rules and regulations of the Fijian authorities, using an endeavor to create’two Chinas’ or’one China, one Taiwan’ globally,” it added. The one-China principle denotes the concept that Taiwan, a self-ruled island democracy, is part of China.

On Monday afternoon, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian, criticized that the cake and flags the Taiwanese side exhibited.

The imitation flag was publicly exhibited on the spectacle, and the cake was likewise marked using a bogus flag layout,” he said in a regular press briefing. Those activities” seriously violate the one-China principle”

Taiwan is known as an independent authority by just 15 nations, the majority of the poor and small. However, its democratically elected government has extensive commercial and casualties with many states.

This season, the Chinese Embassy in Thailand accused people of”betraying history” at a social networking conflict over the source of this coronavirus outbreak and also the status of Hong Kong and Taiwan.