Taiwanese Gift win top prizes at Golden Melody Awards

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwanese gift took home lots of the best awards Saturday in the island’s annual Golden Melody Awards, which attracts actors and musicians from throughout the Chinese-speaking globe and is the regional equivalent of this Grammy Awards.

Wu Qingfeng, a Taiwanese singer, won Best Male Vocalist at Mandarin because of his first solo record”Spaceman.”

Waa Wei, another famous singer, won Best Female Vocalist in Mandarin for the 2019 record”Hidden Not Forgotten.”

Taiwanese singer Abao, that had eight nominations, won three awards for her record”Kinakaian (Mother Tongue),” including Album of the Year. Abao, who’s a part of Taiwan’s minority tribes, participates in a combination of languages, such as her tribe’s Paiwan language.

The Best Album in Mandarin award-winning Joanna Wang for”Love is Calling Me” Wang was born in Taiwan but that grew up in America.

Fire, a Regional Taiwanese group, won the award for Best Band. The stone band composed a song that became the anthem for the island’s most so-called sunflower motion, a student-led motion that has been contrary to Taiwan becoming economically nearer to China.