Taliban cheer Trump tweet Assuring early troop withdrawal

ISLAMABAD — The Afghan Taliban on Thursday welcomed a tweet by President Donald Trump Where he Asserted to have the last of U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Christmas — at least at the end of the year.

If this withdrawal occurs, it’d be months before the schedule along with the tweet did not refer to some Taliban guarantee to resist terrorist groups — a prior pre-requisite to an American withdrawal.

In a tweet that appeared to contradict his national security advisor, Trump said”we ought to have the little remaining amount of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan house by Christmas.”

On Wednesday, National Security Adviser Robert O”Brien, talking of American forces in Afghanistan, told an audience at Las Vegas who”as of now, you will find under 5,000 which will visit 2,500 by early next year”

I will have them home at the end of the year. They are coming home, you know, as we talk. Nineteen years is sufficient. They are behaving like policemen, OK? They are not behaving as soldiers.”

America’s departure from Afghanistan following 19 years has been set out in an arrangement Washington reached together with the Taliban in February. But, that arrangement said U.S. troops could be from Afghanistan within 18 months, given the Taliban admired a commitment to resist terrorist groups, with the majority of attention centered on the Islamic State team’s affiliate in the nation.

The Taliban have been”dedicated to the contents of this arrangement and expect for positive and good relations with all nations, such as the U.S, later on,” he explained.

Those talks are slow since both sides are very bogged down on the intricacies of the way they’d proceed with reaching a deal. Weeks are spent talking Islamic jurisprudence and how it can impact discussions.

However, both sides have remained at the table as Washington’s peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad a week returned to the area. Little information on the material has emerged in the discussions.

Pakistan has helped shepherd the Taliban into the table and its function is regarded as crucial for lasting peace in Afghanistan.

There were no immediate details regarding the purpose of Thursday’s meeting but Khalilzad was eager to find either side — especially the Taliban — to register to some decrease in violence while the Qatar discussions are underway and before a permanent ceasefire could be negotiated.

It is probably Miller and Khalilzad were searching for the assistance of Pakistan’s strong army to press the Taliban, who’ve insisted on battling Afghan security forces as talks are happening — although the insurgents have maintained a claim from February to not assault U.S. and NATO troops.

The Taliban have not detailed the responsibilities that they made in the February peace arrangement with the U.S. to battle terrorists and Washington has vowed to provide details, citing safety issues.

Even since the warring sides match in Doha to map out exactly what a post-conflict Afghanistan may seem like, Washington and NATO have already started reducing their troop numbers. Washington is now down to below 5,000 troops by an estimated 13,000 as it signed the deal with the Taliban on Feb. 29.

Trump’s remarks caught most Afghan observers by surprise along with the Afghan authorities didn’t immediately respond to the tweet.

He has openly declared American troop strength without vetting from the Pentagon, that hasn’t yet reacted to Trump’s tweet.

Trump has promised to finish U.S. participation in Afghanistan and also the arrangement with the Taliban does not call for both Afghan sides to reach a deal before Washington withdraws.